An answer to the crisis

“Desde siempre la especie humana ha interaccionado con el medio y lo ha modificado, los problemas ambientales no son nuevos. Sin embargo, lo que hace especialmente preocupante la situación actual es la aceleración de esas modificaciones”. Since we born, we are included in the environment, we make part of that space which is expected to give us everything we can need in it, but since we start growing and understanding in a deep way the global issues, we have to be aware that more than receiving, we, human beings have to tend to take care of the nature which brings us all what we have. The world is tending to be modified and we are doing so, the expectations are creating better opportunities to stay here, but how can we make sure that we are doing the best? The problem is not the kind of modifications, but the speed in which human beings are doing it. We should look beyond and realize that more than scientific advances we are really creating or we have already created an environmental crisis, we are mistreating trees, the air is contaminated and we are killing ourselves with the lack of awareness.


As human beings, our nature is tending to innovate and making solutions is just when we are in moments of crisis, I do not know why we have to wait until the worst situation to start thinking of how to get out of trouble, environmental education expects that we have to think before the big problem and we must start by creating awareness of caring nature. The challenge for environmental educators who must be all of us is make the people to think and be conscious that the planet is ours and we are responsible of having longer terms for us and who are coming and reinventing new and creative ideas to solve at least in short terms the crisis we are facing. I would like to reinforce this latter solution saying that more important than all the scientific invest in order to make solution, we should look for the answer in ourselves, because that respond is inside us, in our values, in our own lives and what we are able and want to do in order to promote a real sustainable environment because if our values brought us to the crisis, they must give us the solution. “Pero estas soluciones no pueden ser solamente tecnológicas, el desafío ambiental supone un reto a los valores de la sociedad contemporánea ya que esos valores, que sustentan las decisiones humanas, están en la raíz de la crisis ambiental”.



After some years of people getting worry about the environmental crisis, some day at the end of the 60s a group of people from UNESCO y PNUMA start working towards preservation of nature having as support the need we have of it. Integrants from these associations tried to show the environment as responsibility of everyone who lives inside it, for that reason everyone in the world had to invest something concerning caring of the nature. The next step was to promote environmental education as a need not just in a few sector, but in order to work deeper and exactly where must be necessary, it was established as an obligatory subject in all educational institutions. The main goal of adapting environmental education in schools and other institutions was to stop the growing of the environmental crisis in the whole planet. “En  no pocos de los informes y manifiestos que van apareciendo a lo largo de estos años se plantea la necesidad de adoptar medidas educativas (entre otras) para frenar el creciente deterioro del planeta”.  But it was just the beginning of the process, all the things were planned in the correct way and at that time, most of people knew few things of that new project, but now the challenge more than teaching was to make people be really aware of the need of putting in practice what they had in mind which is the most relevant aspect to be considered, the application of knowledge in the real practice in real live. “Es preciso reconocer el esfuerzo de innumerables entidades, organizaciones de carácter no gubernamental y educadores que han contribuido, a veces de forma anónima, no sólo a la conceptualización de la educación ambiental sino, sobre todo, a su puesta en práctica”.


The pioneers of this project conceived education as an instrument of transformation and for that reason they knew that the real point to start was in the schools and other educative institutions. But, this project could not be carried out isolated, it was necessary to include in the plans all the supports from other fields like social, cultural and political ones, in other words it was necessary to get closer with all the rest of groups in order to see real outcomes from the whole world. Besides that, all the political laws should be guided towards increasing and empowering the social impact of environmental education, in that way it would be both a duty and an aware process which could al short terms have and show positive results. “Esto implica la necesidad de incluir los programas de educación ambiental en la planificación y en las políticas generales, elaboradas a través de la efectiva participación social”.



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