Sustainable Development in Colombia

Sustainable development is a term that has been taking great importance since this is focused on the evolution of the world, but adequately, which means, by optimizing resources,  implying the satisfaction of needs of a society without mistreating natural resources.  That is why we take this concept as a concept to be applied for creating awareness in humans to minimize the damage that has been caused and in turn help prevent future risks. “Este problema implica el análisis de la habitabilidad dentro de los parámetros normales de una población, ya que el crecimiento de este minimiza el nivel de calidad de vida de una sociedad, lo que también significa pensar en la organización de las necesidades básicas, tales como los productos o servicios que de manera desproporcionada amenazan los  recursos debido al consumismo” Therefore sustainable development is a concept created by man for man, considering the damage it has done and he has done to the earth, and that promotes the exchange of thought conscious and sensitive. Our country has been applied in a way the issue of sustainable development by implementing policies to industrial development corporations, which promote or publicize a thought directed toward the support of the people, through conservation of natural resources and optimization of them in use, but has not been fully expand that thinking to the whole area, therefore the next step in the arduous journey of Colombian society is to implement policies.


From this has emerged more strongly the debate on what to do to prevent them from committing the same mistakes we made civilization over the past 2 or 3 centuries so that future generations will not have to worry about the same and can focus on what they bear, what we call sustainable development. Empirical and scientific evidence suggests that something strange is going on today in the blue planet, also argue that all studies that suggest to take action against climate end up hurt or at least slow the global economy. It is easy to see and understand that we are responsible of a proper management of our environment, we guarantee that at least we have a stable place over time as climate and a system responsible for the long term. En teoría, las ventajas de un método para la gestión de un entorno globalizado que nos rodea, es que estas estrategias sean compartidas globalmente y aplicadas por todos”.


However, this scenario does not meet the requirements of many politicians; I argue that the cost of a sustainable society would mean a lot in lost jobs and economic growth. And many believe that his vision is very short term. According to the UN, to address the problem of climate change and move forward a more sustainable world would be necessary more new jobs which could create a better environmental awareness and increasing the economy. In addition, the value gradually face up to the year already mentioned, is much lower than what it should pay for every disaster that is generated and economic growth that is lost because of environmental regulations would be small compared with all means stop future production and chaotic world, where we regret not acting sooner when costs were much lower relative to fix the problem. “Sin embargo, hay poca conciencia en los países más desarrollados, que tienen la mayor responsabilidad por su gran tema, que el sagrado principio de la equidad, son los que deben pagar más, al menos en un mundo de responsabilidades compartidas y acciones”.

In conclusion, we are faced with two proposals that humanity must take: The action in terms of sustainable development, with all the limitations and sacrifices mean in the near future (less powerful cars and restrictions on energy use of any origin) and benefits in the long term we expect (better quality of life and a sustainable environment) or continue with the current model of talk and do nothing, with all the pleasures that mean for the next 15 or 20 years, but with incurable and irreversible impacts are likely for the rest of the story. “Todo está hecho, sólo la voluntad política del pueblo y de los sistemas de gobernanza global más eficiente y justo determinará nuestro futuro en la forma más correcta e inteligente”.



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